Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After so long

Someone unpredictable is back!

Update update.

Life has been different for me. Having my 3 months sem break here back in Malaysia. Much better than i thought it would be. Why say so? Because i am enjoying my holidays. Going places, hanging out with buddies. Whatever it is, i am doing good with my life.

Now? Movie marathon SAW I - VII in a single night. The blood, the screaming and all the eww stuffs. I'm lovin it!

Smells ya'll later *wink.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


哭了、谁还会心疼? 累了、谁让我依靠?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Have a look.

Fast forward till you get to 1.24. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Tell me what worth is? Are you sure it's worth to do so?

'There's no one that cannot live without another."

It's relatively true. Sometimes, it's not about just living. It's about the life. Yes you can be beggar living under the bridge, and that is still living. But not making life worth living. If you get what i mean. It's about living meaningful. What makes the differences are that someone's roles in another's life which make living turn into wonderful life. Filling with colors.

Friday, January 21, 2011

US. You and I

You and I, met when we're both studying in high school.
You and I, first chatted on msn.
You and I, fell in love.
You and I, get into a relationship.
You and I, holding each other hands.
You and I, had our first meal.
You and I, had our first kiss.
You and I, had our first ring.
You and I, had our own engagement.
You and I, smiled.
You and I, laughed.
You and I, played.
You and I, enjoyed being in this relationship.
You and I, committed ourselves in this love.
You and I, argued.
You and I, get angry with each other.
You and I, get jealous with each other.
You and I, start scolding each other.
You and I, made up our mind together.
You and I, decided to face any problem together.
You and I, till the very end.

These are the things that can only be done with You and I. The 'us'. You and I were like the dynamic duos. Fight for love and survive, because you have me, and i have you.

So, take care. And farewell.

Dedicated to you, my love.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The year 1990, here born a kid. A kid, small head but with great thinkings. If you can get what i mean, then you are a great man too, because GREAT MENS THINK ALIKE.

We'll name this kid, T.

T is the eldest child in the family, when T was still a kid, T never expect "Uncle Ben: Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility" - Spider Man(2002)

A baby that is still depending on the mother to carry wherever he goes. T never lean how to walk until he reach his 19 month. How relaxing is that. T enjoyed his childhood very much. Instead, T love being a children, without any burden, all you have to do is sleep, play and eat.

So, until he finally grow up. Leaving his title as a 'children' and becoming an 'adolescence'. Going to high school, having a bunch of friends, and still being irresponsible. Well, to be precise, he has no burden to be responsible with, having an average family that is able to have all the basic needs, he wouldn't have to worry about a single thing. Except for his own studies. Everyone knows, in studies, nobody can help you if you don't help yourself.

As a teenager, LOVE, is one of the new experience which most teens would love to try this thrilling, exciting and astonishing 'WOW' stuff. Tell me, when you first learn about love, wouldn't you be thinking what is it like to be in love, how is the feeling and everything related to it. So, no exception for T. He wanted to have such experience too, but he has no clue about such thing. School textbook never teach you how to fall in love, and how to approach girl. T is shy. Yes, real shy. He actually have low self esteem. It flows in his blood, so there's no cure for it. No matter how hard he tries.

*How he met her?
The girl, J.
When the first time he saw that girl, she totally caught him falling in love trap. But that time, she was with another guy. And for T, which have no confident, knew he wouldn't win, in any aspect. Singing "我没那种命呀,她没道理爱上我"

And here comes the biggest part of the story, somehow, cupids gave T a chance, to be in love. With a girl, pretty girl.
*How he know her?
Through someone. This someone is no ordinary person, he is one of T's best friend, buddy. Him, telling T that J is interested in him. T was shocked and couldn't react at that moment. His mind is playing with him, 'Are you sure?' 'Seriously?' 'A loser like me?' and so on came up non stop popping in his head.
[People with low self esteem often address themselves as loser]

So he started approaching J. Slowly, carefully and gently, afraid that he might scare her off. Going 3 steps forward 1 step back, and so, 皇天不负有心人。They finally get together. Living happily ever after.

Whoa! This is no fairy tales. Life isn't always ending with 'happily ever after'.

Both of them were growing up, and slowly they realize the road ahead is not that easy to walk. And having different opinion leads to arguements. This is too common. Everyone knows it, i suppose?
But still, for 4 years, sweet or bitter, both T and J still walked together, on their path. On the Journey of Life.

T was so used to having J around, he can hardly imagine the life without her. *Okay, i know you might say this guy is stupid, dumb or whatever. Like there's no such thing as who can't live without who.

But life is cruel, cruel enough to seperate the both of them apart, physically apart. Far from each other. 15000km, 9.5miles. T is going to further his study abroad. Before leaving, they did so much together, just to have some good memories to be remembered. They went travel together, eating foods from different places, having all kinds of entertainment.

So before the final moment, she told him, 'You better study hard and come back faster! Or else i am going to chop you! Then the next thing is, '2 years! I'll only wait for you 2 years, if you are fooling around and not concentrating on your studies, and causes any delay, i will not wait for you!' At that moment, all he know is he is going to study hard, just for her.

But slowly he realize, 原来她给的爱是有限期的. But still, in this era of globalization, technology is so advance you can almost create a zero distance communication. So they continue talking everyday.
Still with physical distance, sometimes you might feel a little insecure. OK, not a little, VERY insecure, you get suspicious easily, jealousy, too. So one day, J couldn't stand the pressure anymore, she decided to end the relationship. At that moment, T was like struck by the lightning, because he is living in his own world, studying hard, just so that he can get back to J's side as soon as possible. But now that she had dumped him, he felt like end of the world, living without meaning and aim. The only reason for his hardworking left him.

He gave up everything, stop attending classes, hiding in his own room, not eating nor sleeping. Eventually he gave up his life. After a month of being a living zombie, he decided to end his life. Before he suicide, he asked J, "只想知道,如果我选择结束自己的生命,你会在乎吗?" J only answered, 'you like la'

What is the ending of this story? Yes, easy to guess. In his room, he hang himself up. Wrote a message to J, 'I will love you until i die.'


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Holiday is ending soon. Really soon. Ask me what i had done these weeks? Nothing. Seriously, nothing. Being lazy all the time, not anything productive. Of course, human live with choices. And i choose not to do anything. HAHA!

I am just a lazy little boy that likes to sleep late, wake up late, play whole day and eat all i like. When the holiday just started, i told myself that i want to search for a job. But sorry.. Nothing much to say. Lazy people often find reasons for themselves to be lazy. Don't criticize me. I just do what i like so that i don't have to be rushing for days.

I don't plan. I don't have planning. Yes! So what? I am having a carefree life that most people jealous of. *I am not scolding. Having holiday so i am in good mood. But holiday is ending. And i will have to wait for a long time for the next holiday to reach.

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